Permanent Makeup: Your Important Questions Answered

You know the drill. You spend thirty minutes doing your makeup in the morning and by the time you head to the ladies’ room around 11am, you look as though you didn’t put any on at all. Not only is this frustrating, but it’s not the impression you wanted to make on your new client who is coming into the office four hours from now, when you are likely going to look like Gollum. Not ideal, right?
This is one of the main reasons permanent makeup continues to gain popularity in this country. Women are simply tired of spending money and time on makeup that does not last long enough. So let’s discuss some of the details.

dreamstime_xxl_31149453You Have Options

When it comes to makeup tattoos, you have two choices. You can either choose to have permanent makeup applied which is placed in the dermis and will last for the rest of time, or you can choose semi-permanent, which can last from one year to 18 months. It is very important that you know which you are signing up for, cause this is permanent…and it’s also on your face.

There Are Definite Perks

While some people are hesitant about permanent makeup, we see the appeal in it. After all, think of all the time you will save each day. Not to mention, think of all the money you have spent on eyeliner, eyebrow pencils and more over the years. Not anymore! Now mornings can be about sleeping in for an extra 15 minutes and drinking your coffee on your balcony rather than on your commute.

What Is The Pain Like?

When we talk to people who are considering getting permanent makeup, their most common fear is that the procedure is going to hurt. While there is a tad bit of discomfort during the procedure, it is actually pretty painless. In fact, recovery is so fast that most people continue to go throughout their day normally after the procedure is complete.

Interested In Trying It Out?

If you are getting closer to deciding that you do want to get permanent makeup, it’s time to get all of your reservations out of the way. Call Allura Skin, Laser, and Wellness today and we can give you the answers to even the most basic questions about permanent makeup. Ready to schedule an appointment? Stop in or contact us and we can make you an appointment in no time.