Reinvigorate Your Life with Bioidentical Hormones Pellets

As they age, both men and women experience changes. Their bodies begin to work in different ways and they can begin to feel tired more easily and find that their energy levels have dropped significantly. This can cause decreased motivation for exercise, increased weight gain, and difficulty with concentration and memory. A person may begin suffering from anxiety and lose interest in or experience pain during sexual intercourse. If this describes your situation, come to Allura today and learn more about our bioidentical hormones pellets and how they can benefit you.

Hormone imbalances can lead to a host of issues. Many people think that only women experience menopause, but men also undergo a similar phase in their lives. This is called “andropause” and men can experience decreased libido, fatigue, and many other symptoms. With our bioidentical hormones pellets, your body’s equilibrium can be restored. The procedure to insert the pellets is very simple and no stitches or sutures are needed. The incision will heal quickly and you’ll begin to feel the difference in your body. Unlike creams, patches, and other hormone applications, our pellets release a balanced and constant amount of testosterone or estrogen into the bloodstream.

To learn more about our hormone therapy and other beneficial health and wellness treatments, call or visit Allura today. With our two Front Range locations, we can better serve the citizens of Loveland, Fort Collins, and the surrounding communities. Don’t let menopause or andropause slow you down. Come see us and we’ll help reinvigorate your life.