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Don’t Let Lip Lines Age You Prematurely

Stop Worrying About Where Your Lipstick is Settling and Eliminate Lip Lines

What are Lip Lines?

Lip lines, also more generally referred to as “lip wrinkles,” are the vertical wrinkles that occur on your lips and the surrounding skin. Lipstick can make lip lines more noticeable, sinking into the creases to accentuate the lip lines.

How to Get Rid of Lip Lines Without Surgery

The Allura Skin, Laser & Wellness Clinic locations in Fort Collins and Loveland offer a number of treatments to get rid of lip lines without surgery. Consider the suggested treatments below and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to schedule a free consultation.

What Causes Lip Lines?

Lip lines, like other wrinkles, are caused by repetitive expressions that cause folds in the skin. With lips specifically, this comes from pursing the lips, as if you are drinking out of a straw. These lines are exacerbated as you age and collagen production decreases.

Another main culprit for lip lines is sun exposure. You may be adamant about applying sunscreen to your face, but have your lips received the same attention? If not, you may be seeing signs of premature aging occurring on and around your lips.

Finally, smoking can also lead to premature aging of all skin, lips included. With lips it’s a bit of a double whammy. Not only is the condition of your skin deteriorating faster, but the actual act of smoking and constantly pursing your lips can contribute to an increase in lip lines.

Suggested Treatments