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Every Man Deserves Fresh, Radiant Skin

Detoxify and Tone Your Skin to Reverse The Signs of Aging

Men can greatly benefit from various skin care treatments available at Allura. Why should men consider a facial treatment? There’s plenty of reasons! First off, men often have oilier skin than women (thanks to testosterone), often resulting in clogged pores. A facial, especially extractions, is a great way to clear up those pores and prevent future break-outs. Additionally, constant grooming, i.e. shaving – irritates the skin, causing ingrown hairs, and razor burn. Facials, DiamondGlow treatments, Microdermabrasions, and Skin Peels can all help soothe the skin and repair damage.

Our licensed medical aestheticians will create a custom treatment plan for your specific needs.

My Girlfriend Has Been Telling Me About This. I Should Have Done This Years Ago!

Jane Smith

Client for 9 Years

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