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Custom Facials That Treat Your Individual Skin Needs

The Relaxing Solution to Rid Your Skin of Impurities, Dryness, Breakouts, and More

Does your skin need a pick-me-up? Get glowing, radiant skin from a custom facial designed to treat your skin’s specific needs.

We offer a variety of facials that hydrate, treat acne, deeply clean pores, address teenage skin, and more. After a facial, you can expect glowing skin that only improves as the days pass. If you’re looking for a relaxing, gentle skincare treatment, facials are a tried and true method that will bring your skin results. Our highly qualified medical aestheticians will help you determine which facial will work best for you.

Allura patient receiving facial treatment

Facials At A Glance

How Do Facials Work?

Facials work by providing a variety of treatment steps to clients depending on their unique skin needs. Oftentimes a steamer is used to open up the pores, then cleanse, exfoliation and manual extraction follow. After extraction, a mask is applied that caters to the client’s skin needs and goals. Additionally, massage of the head, neck, face, and shoulders may be performed to aid in blood circulation and relaxation.

Are There Any Adverse Effects?

The most common side effects are redness or irritation which often occur from the manual exfoliation process. These side effects resolve on their own a few days after the treatment as the skin heals.

Does Getting a Facial Hurt?

Facials are generally a painless process. Clients may feel minimal discomfort during the manual extraction step (if this step is being performed). Most clients find that getting a facial is relaxing, especially those that include light massage of the scalp, neck, and shoulders.

Should I Consider An Alternative to a Facial?

Facials are highly customizable treatments and are therefore suited for many clients. Depending on your skin concerns and skin goals, we can customize a treatment just for you. If your goals require more intense treatments, we may recommend skin lasering, peels, or other treatments.

So Happy With My Radiant Results!

Jane Smith

Client for 9 Years

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