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If there is one thing we can always be sure of during the holiday season it’s that there will be plenty of occasion we have to attend. Whether you are getting together with your office mates to play White Elephant or having a holiday get together with all of your closest friends, you surely will have more than enough places to go over the next month. Something that also almost always occurs at events like this is the taking of photographs. Whether everyone agrees to take a group shot or there is one camera-happy person in your group of friends who will undoubtedly be taking candids all night, you want to look good. The last thing you want to see when the photos are posted online or sent out to everyone you know is your eyes looking tired, wrinkly or showing dark circles beneath them. Keeping this in mind, you may want to consider stopping into Allura Skin, Laser and Wellness Center to give your eyes a makeover before your first event of the season. Let’s talk about some of the ways we can make sure you look incredible in every photo you take throughout December.

  1. NovaLash

    We’re sure you have seen the commercials on television advertising NovaLash, the eyelash extensions that can make your eyelashes look like those of a Disney princess. If you want to lengthen and thicken your eyelashes, this is a great way to do so. Not only will your lashes look amazing in photos, but even when people are standing just a few inches away from you, they will have no idea that you are wearing lash extensions. The adhesive used by NovaLash has proven to be much more effective and durable that other products like it. The best part? These extensions last for weeks! Meaning you can still put sporting fabulous lashes come New Year’s Eve!

  2. Botox®

    Many people find themselves incredibly self conscious about crow’s feet wrinkles and sagging eyebrow skin. While they may not notice these things on a daily basis, there is never a time when these things are more apparent than in a photo. In order to prevent yourself from having your confidence shattered by a photo taken in poor lighting or far too close up, we would suggest having a few Botox injections around your eyes to make your look younger and more spire throughout the holiday season. Have other wrinkles on your face that you also would like to be less visible? You can have Botox injections at these sites as well.

  3. Dermal Fillers

    One of the worst things someone can tell you about your appearance is that you look tired or worn out. One of the reasons people assume you are in need of rest is when they spot dark circles or bags beneath your eyes. If you know that this is a problem for you, you might want to consider getting dermal fillers beneath your eyes. This will fill in the area that appears to sag, leaving you with younger-looking eyes and the confidence to smile widely in every photo that is taken of you!