Bioidentical Hormone Pellets Uncovered

There is a lot of talk surrounding the healing powers of bio-identical hormone pellets and how wonderful they work for ridding people of unbearable menopause and andropause symptoms. But, you might not understand what they really are just yet, and that’s ok. The specialists here at Allura in Fort Collins and Johnstown, want to make sure you know what you are getting into before you get started! So, we have taken all of our experience in the field, all of our studies and results, and compiled them into one short, easy to follow description of just what exactly bioidentical hormone pellets are and what they do.

Bio-identical hormone pellets:

  • Are derived from natural plant sources.
  • Are natural sources of estrogen and testosterone.
  • Are chemical messengers.
  • Are manipulated to be the exact same chemical structure as the hormones unique to your body.
  • Are made to replicate the natural functions of the human body hormones.
  • Are smaller than a grain of rice.
  • Are approved and available for use in the US.
  • Continuously release hormones into the blood system.
  • Respond to changes in blood flow in the body related to exercise, anxiety and stress.
  • Mimic the body’s natural responses to change (increasing hormone secretions).
  • Alleviate symptoms caused by decreased/ inconsistent production of hormones. (mood swings, increased body fat, decreased libido, hot flashes, anxiety)
  • Re-establishes protective benefits originally provided by naturally produced hormones. (bone density, strength, immune, balance)
  • Enhances overall well-being.

With all these facts in mind, make sure you call Allura for next hormone imbalance inquiry. Let us help you get your life back on track today!

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