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Losing a lot of weight is something many people strive to do for years at a time. Unfortunately, once they finally reach their goal weight, they are often left with excess tissue and skin. This is not ideal as those who work so hard want more than anything to have a firmer, smaller body. It is a shame, however, that no diet or exercise program can provide a remedy for this problem. On the other hand, Allura Skin, Laser & Wellness Center definitely can. With body contouring procedures you can get that toned look you have been hoping to see in the mirror with no pain and no invasive surgeries. There are some myths surrounding body contouring, however, and as the professionals, we would like to put them to rest.

Body Contouring Will Help You Lose Weightmyths surrounding body contouring and how it helps shape your body

Plain and simple, this procedure is not going to help you lose weight. The best candidate for body contouring is someone who has reached their goal weight through diet and exercise or bariatric surgery. Even if you are only 20 pounds from your goal, we suggest you wait until you reach it to have the body contouring procedure.

Body Contouring Will Remove Your Cellulite

This is another thing this procedure is not meant to do exactly. If you are looking to have cellulite removed, we would suggest you get more information regarding The Body Shape Thermage® body contouring procedure. On the other hand, do not bank on this being your best option as your clinician will tell you honestly whether this is the best treatment for your cellulite or if you should consider something else.

Body Contouring Results Do Not Last

The results of this procedure are entirely dependent on you. If you do not keep up with your exercise routine and diet, you can be sure that you will be begin to gain the weight again, just as you would if you had done the same thing and not had a body contouring treatment. If you do stick with your new healthy lifestyle, however, your results will stick around for years to come.

Body Contouring Means A Hospital Stay

This is categorically not true. In fact, the majority of all body contouring procedures are outpatient and have a very minimal recovery time. To be honest, many of these procedures do not even require that you step foot in a hospital.

As it goes with most things, not everything you hear is true. There are so many other myths surrounding body contouring, the majority of which are very ill informed. The best way to ensure you are getting true and helpful information? Call a professional to get the information you are looking to find.

If you are interested in learning more about body contouring and the methods we use at Allura, feel free to contact us today. We can answer any questions you may have, debunk any additional myths you may have heard about body contouring, and schedule a consultation for you!