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Are you scared of having a big procedure done? Do you want to avoid having to inject yourself with hormones weekly? Are you too forgetful to take a hormone replacement pill every day? Well Allura has the solution for you! We’ve taken into account all the fears and hesitations both women and men have towards treating their hormone imbalances and have come up with a solution that we feel best suits everyone’s needs. Its call bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy works with malfunctioning ovaries and testicles to release the correct amount of hormones into your bloodstream 24/7. With a simple evaluation, Dr. De La Torre will determine what level of hormones your body needs to have replaced in order to maintain a fully functioning symptom free life. From there we create a very, very, tiny incision into either the right or left buttock, just big enough for a small pellet to be inserted. The incision is so small and so shallow that it doesn’t even require a single stitch. Instead, after we insert the bioidentical hormone replacement pellet, we dress your incision with a few steri-strips for safe keeping and send you on your way! Once the procedure is complete we send you home and suggest you avoid only vigorous exercises for 3-7 days, otherwise you are free to resume your life as normal! It’s as simple as that!

Within the pellet we insert into your body, is a 24/7, controlled stream of hormones that are released into your body to help your natural hormones reach their optimal levels. Once this happens, your imbalance symptoms like, anxiety, fatigue, forgetfulness, weight gain, skin dryness, and muscle loss, should subside.

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