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Hyperhidrosis & How Botox® Can HelpHyperhidrosis & How Botox® Can HelpHyperhidrosis & How Botox® Can Help – There is nothing that makes you feel more confident than wearing your favorite outfit. That is unless you suffer from hyperhidrosis. For those who have to deal with this medical condition, even their favorite outfit cannot make them forget about the sweat stains that are quickly forming under their arms throughout the day. Luckily, there is a way to combat hyperhidrosis. However, let’s find out if you indeed are living with this condition first.

What Is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that is caused by sweat glands that are overstimulated. People who have this condition normally produce anywhere from four to five times as much sweat as a person who doesn’t have hyperhidrosis. Most often the sweating occurs under the arms, but it can also be present elsewhere such as the hands or feet.

Hyperhidrosis & How Botox® Can HelpWhat Triggers Hyperhidrosis?

There are several things that can trigger hyperhidrosis in those who suffer from it. Some of these triggers are things that would make any person sweat like exercise or ingesting alcohol, to name a few. On the other hand, there are some things that trigger those with this condition to sweat that you may not think would do so like drinking coffee or tea, smoking, stress, anxiety, strong emotions and more.
How Is Hyperthyroidism Diagnosed?

There are several ways a person can tell if they have hyperhidrosis. One of the reasons this medical condition can be treated quickly and effectively is simply because of the obvious symptoms that are associated with it. If a person is excessively sweating for a period of six months or more and display any two of the following characteristics, primary hyperhidrosis is diagnosed.

  • Bilateral and relatively symmetrical sweating
  • Sweating so severely that it impairs day to day activities
  • At least one sweating episode per week
  • A family history of hyperhidrosis
  • Discontinuance of sweating during sleep

How Can You Get Rid Of Hyperhidrosis?

The most common way to treat hyperhidrosis has also proven to be the most effective. Botox® works to block the chemical signals from the nerves in your body that stimulate your sweat glands. They do this by injecting a small amount of the Botox solution through a small gauge needle into your armpits. The entire procedure takes less than 15 minutes and does not cause hardly any pain. You will begin to see results within the first week or two after the injections. The effects of this treatment normally last for six to nine months, after which you will likely have to return to have more Botox injected.

What Happens After Injections?

There are a few things you should know about how to proceed after getting Botox injections under your arms. First of all, you should not wear deodorant for at least 12 hours after the Botox has been injected. Additionally, heavy exercise is prohibited for the first 24 hours after injection. Clean your underarms with mild soap for best results. If you don’t notice a change in the amount you are sweating after the first two weeks after your treatment, contact your injector to inform them and discuss what the cause of your lack of results may be.

Hyperhidrosis & How Botox® Can Help – Allura Has Botox For Medical Uses

Allura Skin, Laser and Wellness Center provides Botox injections for those who are living with hyperhidrosis. Our knowledgeable team is familiar with this process and can answer any of the questions you have regarding this procedure.  Call us today and allow us to educate you further on hyperhidrosis and all the good that Botox may be able to do for you so that you can stop sweating and start living!