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As the weather warms, it’s time to start digging swimsuits out of the closet. Maybe it’s even time to buy a new one. Whether you’re sitting on the beach in a bikini this summer or chasing kids around the pool in a one-piece you feel great in, there is nothing more frustrating than those dark, stray hairs at your bikini line. Now is the perfect time to start those laser treatments to have a flawless bikini line this summer. Here are three reasons you should have bikini laser hair removal so you can feel great in your favorite swimsuit.

bikini laser hair removal for long term cost savingsLong Term Cost Savings

While many people might consider the cost of laser hair removal a bit steep, you have to consider it more like an investment. If you regularly wax, it could cost up to $80 a month. If you have been waxing for two years or more, you’ve already paid the cost for laser treatments. But unlike waxing once it is done, it’s done. No more monthly costs. In the long run, laser hair removal will cost much less than years of waxing or electrology.

no more ingrown hairs with bikini laser hair removalNo More Ingrown Hairs

Unlike shaving or waxing, one of the best benefits of laser hair removal is that you will have no ingrown hairs. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. The process of waxing and shaving encourages hair growth and without tons of exfoliating, both always cause ingrown hairs as the hair returns. Laser hair removal destroys the hair follicle so that the hair doesn’t grow back. And if the hair doesn’t grow back, there is not hair to become ingrown.

bikini laser hair removal is permanentIt’s Permanent!

We cannot rave enough about the fact that laser hair removal is permanent. Though it will take several sessions, over 80 percent of people see permanent results without a need to come back for the occasional touch-up.

Feel your best this summer with bikini laser hair removal from Allura in Loveland and Fort Collins, Colorado. Contact us today for a free consultation for your specific hair removal needs.