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In our latest infographic we discussed the risk associated with too much sun exposure. The truth is, as much as you may like seeing your complexion darken over the summer, you could be causing yourself more trouble than that temporary tan is actually worth. Lucky for you, with the right plan of action, you can get the color you desire as well as avoid the damage UV rays are known to cause. And right now, Allura is making skin protection easier (and cheaper) than ever before.dreamstime_xxl_4899118


Right now at Allura Skin, Laser and Wellness Clinic, all of our sunscreens are 15% off. This means you can stock up on the high quality sunscreen you need to last you all summer long. Protecting your skin with a sunscreen that is made to do everything it can to protect your skin is extremely important. Whether you are heading to a picnic, the beach, or you work outdoors, you should be enjoying yourself rather than worrying about getting a sunburn or worse, skin cancer.
Have children? Be sure you also teach them how to take care of their skin when they are in the sun. Extended exposure can be extremely detrimental to kids and therefore it’s very important that they learn from a young age what it means to be aware of the effects sun can have on their vulnerable skin.
Regardless of what you have planned for the summer ahead, be sure to keep your body protected. Stop into Allura Skin, Laser, and Wellness Center today and invest in some good quality sunscreen at a discounted price. Be safe and sun-conscious this summer! Your friends at Allura care and we want to help!