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If you are like most men, you won’t like hearing this, but when discussing testosterone, you probably hit your peak when you were seventeen. Now, those levels did plateau for awhile, but then started to slide most likely in your late 20’s and early 30’s. By the time you hit your 70’s and 80’s, your testosterone levels will be about half what they were at your peak level. In the words of Metallica, that statement is sad but true. This is the biggest reason men, not unlike yourself, are seeking hormone replacement clinics in Fort Collins.

A growing number of men are taking testosterone to reverse the gradual decline of the hormone. After all, testosterone is the male hormone that men start producing a mere seven weeks after conception. The hormone is responsible for the changes in a teen’s voice, makes his muscles fill out and stimulates his sex drive. As adults, testosterone plays a major role in maintaining muscle mass, bone strength and fat distribution. In addition, the hormone is responsible for sperm production and a heightened libido as well.

There is plenty of evidence that supports testosterone treatments will make you more lean. And no surprise here, testosterone plays a major role in sexual interest as well as motivation. In addition, testosterone may improve mood and cognition, and may produce positive trends in bone density.

There are indeed methods that slow the aging process, and testosterone replacement therapy is one of them. The journey to a solution to your low testosterone begins with a simple phone call. Contact Allura Skin, Laser, & Wellness Clinic today.