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Women aren’t the only ones that like the idea of being groomed. Since the 1980s, men have joined the hair removal game using many of the same techniques as women. When Arnold Schwarzenegger was running for California governor, he is quoted as saying, “It’s the most difficult [decision] I’ve made in my entire life, except the one I made in 1978 when I decided to get a bikini wax.” Hair removal was only for swimmers, cyclists, and bodybuilders, but that’s no longer the case. If nothing else the last 30 years have shown that men can treat themselves to high grooming standards as well. Here are two reasons men should choose laser hair removal as their hair removal method of choice.


Laser Hair Removal MenLaser hair removal has been on the rise and is the leading cosmetic procedure for both men and women. Where many men don’t necessarily want all their hair removed for smooth, hairless skin, laser hair removal can simply reduce or thin the hair. Fully removing back hair or thick neck hair is also an option. Having these options can be very beneficial for men who want to groom but still keep the visual masculinity they love.  


One of the best benefits to laser hair removal for men is the speed of appointments and the quickness in which you will see results. Men can fit in an appointment over lunch or pop in for a quick treatment after work. Also, once the desired result is achieved in just a handful of sessions, only a touch-up once a year or so may be needed.

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