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Allura Patient Results After Neck Contouring

We look at ourselves in the mirror everyday, but sometimes we don’t actually see ourselves. We’re so busy spending time with loved ones, attending to our professional responsibilities, and enjoying our time here in beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado, that we sometimes fail to observe the little changes in our facial area that make us less than satisfied with our overall appearance. If you’ve started to notice any of the following signs, you could benefit from one of our most popular anti-aging facial treatments: neck contouring.

You don’t like how your neck looks in photographs.

Even if you don’t notice it in your daily life, it’s likely that your double chin will bother you when you see it in photographs. So many Allura clients come to us saying, “I don’t know who that person is. I don’t feel like my neck looks like that!” Don’t let your sagging neck skin or under-the-chin fullness prevent you from jumping into selfies with your friends or posing proudly in family photographs.

You’ve been working out, but your double chin just won’t go away.

Fitness experts often say that the areas around our wrists, ankles, and under the chin are the first to show signs of weight loss. If you’ve been sticking to your New Year’s resolution to get into shape, and are seeing results everywhere but on your face and neck, our contouring services can help.

You’re not interested in cosmetic surgery.

Not everyone is keen on the idea of going under the knife for cosmetic reasons, especially in a region of the body as sensitive as the neck. Our neck contouring services involve only an injection, no incisions need to be made meaning you won’t have to worry about scar lines or other complications.

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