Back to School, Back to YOU!

Back-to-School Specials – It’s August, can you believe it’s already that time of year again? Scarves and pumpkin spiced lattes are just around the corner, back to school shopping is in full swing, and the days are getting shorter. It has been an action-packed summer that’s been all about the kids, and it’s time for […]

Beauty Products to Keep Your Skin Looking Its Best Between Sessions

If you have been to a spa before, you know how amazing your skin looks after your visit. You have a healthy glow, it’s smoother, you look younger and your feel more confident because you know you are looking your best. That feeling wears off after a while, though, and you’ll have to put up […]

What is Dermablading?

We’ve previously talked about many different forms of hair removal that we provide through Allura, from laser hair removal to waxing. But for many people who have peach fuzz, these are not always the best choices for hair removal. Waxing can sometimes pull the fine hairs but laser hair removal and electrolysis will only work […]