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Everyone, and we mean everyone, has some sort of unwanted hair.  Whether it’s hair on the upper lip for women or back hair for men, there are simply some pesky hairs that you just don’t want on your body.  Hair removal goes back to at least the ancient Egyptians when they would pluck hairs or use a technique akin to waxing called body sugaring.  But these days there are a lot of different removal options for those unwanted hairs.  We want you to know about all the pros and cons of these four different common hair removal treatments to help you pick the one that is best for you.

Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal and electrolysis at Allura ClinicIn previous posts, we’ve talked a bit about what makes a good candidate for laser hair removal.  Having lighter skin with dark, coarse hair is the most effective combination for long lasting results.  However, with changes in technology laser hair removal can be a good choice for a wide variety of individuals.  The two biggest benefits to laser hair removal include having no ingrown hairs from the process and the long lasting results.  After just a few treatments, individuals see large reductions in their hair growth and eventually most clients see no hair regrowth at all.  What deters most clients from laser hair removal is the initial cost.  While the cost may seem high, in the long run laser hair removal costs really pay off when you add up other hair removal treatments that don’t last.


Electrolysis was first used in 1875 as a treatment for ingrown eyelashes.  Needless to say this hair removal procedure has been around long enough to be perfected.  In fact, it’s the only FDA approved method for permanent hair removal.  The benefit to electrology is that it targets each hair follicle independently, making sure the follicle is reduced and can no longer produce a dark hair.  The biggest drawback to electrology is the time investment.  Because each hair has to be addressed individually it’s best for small areas and takes many years of treatment to accomplish permanent hair removal.


Waxing is officially one of the oldest forms of body hair removal in existence.  Body sugaring, used millennia ago, is closely related to waxing.  Waxing is a non-invasive way to have hair removed.  Though it is definitely not permanent, it results in smooth skin and long lasting results.  Overtime, waxing can cause the hair follicle to shrink enough to make the hair grow back finer than before.  Women who are pregnant can have waxing done safely, which is a plus.  The drawbacks include the fact that one round of waxing only lasts a couple of weeks and can lead to some pretty gnarly ingrown hairs.

Choosing a method of hair removal can be a bit tricky.  Whether you’re looking for permanent results or something a little less invasive, there are plenty of options out there.  Allura provides a variety of hair removal services to help find the best fit for our clients.  Please contact us for a free consultation for your hair removal needs.