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If your body is something you are constantly trying to cover up because of excess bulging fat, you have likely tried everything to remedy it. This probably included trying a number of fad diets, a slew of different exercise routines and diet pills. Sometimes, however, it seems no matter what we do to improve our physical health and overall appearance, our bodies are simply not on our side. This is especially true as we age. 

Allura's Body contouring treatments can:

CoolSculpting, the non-invasive, revolutionary treatment works by targeting the fat cells in your body and freezes them. This procedure helps rid stubborn fat from abdomen, love handles, upper arms and chin when working out and diet just isn’t enough.

Thermage for Body uses heat from radiofrequency to leave your skin looking smooth and toned. This body contouring procedure reduces the appearance of cellulite, love handles, and other troublesome areas of your body that may be resistant to exercise or dieting.

Depending on your goals, CoolSculpting® or Thermage® treatments may be appropriate for you. Or perhaps a combination might get you the results you want. One of our expert Providers can help you determine the best approach for you, as well as discuss all of your body contouring options upon contact.

We provide body contouring for men as well. Learn more.

If you have any questions about products, procedures, or potential for results, don’t hesitate to call us at 970.223.0193 or visit our Fort Collins or Loveland clinics for a free consultation.


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