Bobbie Marriott

Bobbie Marriott

Senior Aesthetician, Allergan®
CoolSculpting Champions Advisory Board Member

Bobbie owned and operated her own spa before joining Allura in 2008. She has over 30-years of experience in Medical Aesthetics, earning multiple specialized and advanced certifications that include Certified Laser Technician, Certified Professional Electrologist, and chemical certifications in Chemistry 1 and 2. Most recently Bobbie was selected to be a CoolSculpting Champions Advisory Board Member by Allergan®, an honor bestowed to only 10 practitioners nationwide, and was invited to participate in CoolSculpting University’s Masters Class.

Bobbie passionately believes that no one should shy away from doing whatever makes them feel beautiful, inside and out. Her expertise in a wide variety of services, from spa, skincare and skin rejuvenation treatments to hair removal and body contouring, demonstrates her dedication to promoting that idea with her clients and helping them to achieve optimal results.

Bobbie’s greatest passion of all is her family. When she’s not at Allura she can be found rocking-out to her husband Tracy’s 80’s band, spending time with her two children and spoiling her four beautiful grandchildren.

“My goal with my clients is to give them the outer confidence so that their inner beauty shines through.”

Meet Bobbie

If laughter is the best medicine, we have the miracle drug. Bobbie’s laugh is infectious. Meet Bobbie:

I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years coming to Allura 9 years ago after owning my own spa. I love people which really led me to this career. After so long in the business, I think it is fun I wanted a chemistry degree. It now seems so impersonal! So I combined my love for science with my love for people and here I am in the aesthetics field. Hopefully, making patients smile when they leave the clinic.

Working with and learning about the products associated with facials, microderms, peels and electrolysis that help our skin stay youthful brings out the chemistry side in me. Learning the medical aesthetics side regarding lasers fuels my fire to help people feel good.  I love when a patient returns to “show off” the improvements from a laser treatment! I get excited to laugh and smile with them!  Being in my 50’s keeps me VERY interested in anti-aging and just being physically fit and having healthy eating habits. I found as we age we have to eliminate some foods or exercise more. My motivation…chocolate!

What also keeps me fit both emotionally and physically is my family. I am blessed with my two children, Ryan and Ashely. They each have two children. Ryan has Kieran (9) and Willow Star (2) who rules them all. She could have a bit of your Grandma in her! Ashely has Julian (3) and my newest grandbaby, Xander, who was born on Thanksgiving. I’m thankful to have them all close so I can babysit whenever I need a fix. My family keeps me on the go and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They keep me hopping, smiling AND laughing!

Tracy, my husband, also keeps me active with fundraising and dancing since he’s in an 80’s band! I love music especially my crazy 80’s hair bands. My grandkids dance to Def Leppard, AC/DC, Aerosmith.  We enjoy travelling locally. You’ll find us up in Estes enjoying our Colorado weather. If we are not outside, you will find me watching football or the Eagles play hockey. I’ll keep my favorite football teams a secret. You may not like my choices!!

In a nut shell laughter is my medicine and love is my band aid. I probably laugh too much but what fun is it not finding the good? When a bit of bad peeks through, smile and laugh. It really is the best medicine.


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