A Brief Glimpse of Hair Removal Over Time

In addition to hormone replacement therapy, thermage body contouring and body sculpting, we offer laser hair removal at our clinic. Laser hair removal is an effective and painless way to ensure you don’t have unwanted hair on your body. Nobody really knows when the practice of hair removal began, but it has been a part of our history for a very long time. And it look as though it is a trend that will not be stopping any time soon.


During the Middle Ages, it was once thought that Europeans really didn’t pay much attention to hair removal. But by the 1500’s, during the Elizabethan Times, European women began removing their eyebrows and front hair from their heads to give the illusion of an elongated forehead, which was all the rage at the time, everybody was doing it. The look was attributed to Queen Elizabeth herself, who had a natural elongated head. It is believed mothers would attempt in vain to prevent their daughter’s hair from growing on the top of the forehead, this is so they would grow up to be fashionable.

The first women’s razors were introduced in 1915, and quickly became a necessity as advertisements in magazines for clothing were beginning to show more and more skin. In addition, these magazines began encouraging women to rid themselves the hair on the armpits and legs. Yet another example on how the media shapes society.

But thanks to technology, the days of shaving and waxing are all but over. That is, if you choose to set an appointment and opt for laser hair removal.


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