A Few Reasons You Might Want to Consider Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets

Testosterone affects the function of many organs in the male body. For example, in the brain, it influences libido, sex drive, mood and aggression. Testosterone can also improve verbal memory as well as visual-spacial skills. Testosterone also has been shown to decrease fatigue and depression, something that happens when levels are low. These are but a few reasons you might want to consider bio-identical hormone pellets. Here are a few other reasons for consideration.

Testosterone improves bone density and reduces bone fractures. This is in effect very similar to menopausal women who undergo estrogen replacement. However, hip fractures are more likely to kill an older gentleman than a woman of the same age. An estimated 40 percent of men with hip fractures die within a year of their injury.

Testosterone is also responsible for an increase in lean body mass and even strength. Testosterone also increases blood counts, and appears to improve cholesterol, possibly reducing the chances of a heart attack or stroke.

Sexual function will also improve with testosterone treatment.

As men age, there is a progressive decline in the production of testosterone. These changes can be dramatic and the consequences very real. Though the drop is not as rapid as women experience going through menopause, testosterone levels generally drop about one percent per year after the age of fifty. Low testosterone symptoms and blood samples showing low testosterone levels are needed to see if replacement therapy is a worthwhile solution. If you have questions concerning possible loss of testosterone, feel free to contact us at our Loveland or Fort Collins locations.