A Short Guide To Thermage CPT In Fort Collins

Here at Allura Skin, Laser, & Wellness Clinic, we offer ThermageCPT in Fort Collins. A revolutionary, non-invasive radio frequency technology that could hold the key to eliminating the unwanted cellulite, sagging skin, and bulges you may be left with following pregnancy or weight loss that you can’t get to disappear despite exercise and dieting. Let’s discuss our guide to ThermageCPT a little more in depth today.

What is Thermage used for?

It is used to non-surgically tighten and lift the skin. It works best on these areas:

  • the face – especially around the jawline
  • the eyelids
  • the backs of the hands
  • the neck and chest

How does Thermage work?

The Thermage procedure uses radiofrequency energy to create a uniform heating effect in the deep dermis. This gentle heating tightens existing collagen and stimulates the production of new collagen. It reduces wrinkles and achieves brow lifting, cheek lifting, and jaw line lifting. The skin tissue lifting and tightening is caused by immediate collagen contraction followed by gradual collagen tightening. The result is a more youthful appearance to lax and sagging skin.

What kind of results can I expect with Thermage? When will I see results?

Although a few patients show immediate improvement, response to treatment for most patients is gradual with progressive improvement over 1 to 6 months. 80-90% of patients show measurable and noticeable effects at 6 months.

How long will the effects of the Thermage procedure last?

While treatment results have been observed to last for at least 2 years, studies indicate that the beneficial changes to skin collagen can last over 2 years in some cases. As with virtually all skin restorative techniques, including surgical facelifts, the original aging symptoms may slowly return as the aging and sun damage process continues.

If you are interested in eliminating unwanted cellulite and sagging skin contact us at Allura and schedule a free consultation today!

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