Skin Peels: More Appealing Than They Sound

You may have a horrible idea of what a skin peel actually entails. In fact, when you think of skin peels, it is likely that you picture red blotchy faces that look as though they had terrible sunburn. However, skin peels are much more than meets the eye. These peels are extremely effective beauty treatments that allow for the skin that clean it and renew it more deeply and effectively than any face wash you will find in a drugstore.

Why a Facial Peel?

Overall the goal of facial peel is the boost radiance, increase the hydration of the skin and to simply improve the overall look, tone and texture of your skin. There are three different levels of intensity at which you can receive a facial peel (but we’ll get to that later). For now, it is just important that you understand the basics that are involved in having a skin peel.

Skin Peel Basics

Although everyone’s skin is different, the process by which people undergo a skin peel is fairly standard. The beauty specialist will begin the treatment by prepping your skin. This includes protecting the most delicate portions of your face. After this process has been completed, the specialist will begin brushing on the peel solution with a brush. It is common that you will feel a slight tingling and your face may begin to feel warmer than usual. No need to panic! This is completely normal!

This process varies in time depending on the chosen treatment. However, when your treatment is complete, the specialist will remove every trace of the peel from your skin. This will be followed by having your skin moisturized. Lastly, the beauty specialist will recommend a skin care routine to you to ensure that you get the best results from your skin peel.

If you’re curious about skin peels and how they can be an effective part of your beauty regimen, let us help. Contact Allura Skin, Laser, and Wellness Clinic and reclaim your confidence!

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