Common Misconceptions Surrounding Permanent Makeup

There are many misconceptions about permanent makeup in Fort Collins. Here are three of the most popular permanent makeup myths debunked so that you can make an informed and educated decision.

  • Permanent makeup is only for women. While it’s true that there are less men who decide to go with permanent makeup solutions than women, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t men who elect to undergo permanent makeup treatments. Typically, men will use permanent makeup for corrective measures as opposed to cosmetic reasons. Hair loss is common in men’s brows and permanent makeup can fill in sparse spaces. Permanent makeup can help correct scars and drooping skin, too. And, we all know that these issues don’t plague only one gender or another.
  • Permanent makeup is very, very painful. Sure, we can’t say that permanent makeup is truly pain-free. But, it really isn’t as painful as you might think. Many people who undergo permanent makeup treatments report that the process hurts a lot less than other treatments they have undergone. Permanent makeup feels a bit like a tattoo. There is a bit of a sting, but it is far from being excruciating or unbearable.
  • Permanent makeup is obvious and stands out. We’ve all seen our fair share of makeup disasters on covers of magazines or walking through the mall. We’ve seen eyebrows that have been drawn on haphazardly, shaky lip liner, or uneven eyeliner.  Unfortunately, many people believe that if they elect to undergo a permanent makeup procedure, they will have the same result. This, however, is simply not the case. Permanent makeup can be as natural and seamless as you would like. The look can be as soft as you would like and no one will ever guess you had anything done in the least.