Do You Have Unwanted Dark Hair? Choose Laser Hair Removal in Fort Collins

Men and women who have a full, thick, dark head of hair often find it to be a good thing. They can style it however they want or just leave it as is and it can look great. Having dark, thick hair on other areas of your body can be an entirely different matter. Men and women can become self-conscious and shy about unwanted body hair. If you have unwanted dark hair, contact Allura today for laser hair removal in Fort Collins.

Our laser hair removal process can help both men and women who are looking to remove dark hair from certain areas of their body. They desire to have smooth, clear skin, especially in the summer months when shorts and swimsuits are worn. Women often request to have hair removed from their legs, arms, and bikini area. Men mostly have the lasers remove hair from their back, chest, or neck. Laser hair removal works very well on darker hair, so if you have lighter hair, Allura can recommend other effective hair removal treatments.

Don’t let unwanted dark hair keep you from going out and enjoying life. Contact Allura and we’ll discuss how our hair removal process can benefit you. It often takes an average of six treatments to completely remove the unwanted hair, with each treatment occurring between six and eight weeks apart. The surrounding skin should remain undamaged, but if you do experience irritation, cold compresses and lotions, such as one with aloe, can help your skin feel cooler. We hope you’ll contact us soon for laser hair removal in Fort Collins.