Hormone Replacement Clinics That Can Increase Your Sex Drive

For both men and women, a decreased sex drive can mean a stressful relationship with the spouse. With sex becoming a larger and larger element in relationships, not wanting to, or not being able to perform can be very damaging. Unfortunately, having a decreased sex drive is very common and most often caused by an imbalance in the natural hormones the body produces. An unhappy event for those without access to life changing procedures like the ones Allura offers here in Fort Collins and Johnstown Co.

Our hormone replacement clinic, here at Allura, is known for changing people’s lives. We know how stressful having a decreased sex drive can be, so we’ve designed the perfect procedure to get your life back on ‘track’ and fast. The procedure is called Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, or BHRT. Using the SottoPelle® method we insert hormone pellets into your body to replace, and secrete a constant and level stream of bioidentical hormones. This 24/7 secretion allows for your body’s natural hormones to level out and relieve your decreased sex drive, essentially giving you a whole new outlook on sex!

Even better, this hormone replacement therapy is perfect for couples who are struggling to stay connected as they age. Not only does it treat a decreased sex drive, it also alleviates other sex related symptoms that accompany unbalanced hormones, including, skin or vaginal dryness, pain with intercourse, erection changes, and prolonged recovery after vigorous exercise. So, instead of struggling to keep the romance alive in your relationship, visit us. With just a simple, tiny incision, and one bio-identical hormone pellet, you could be back to having the relationship you love.

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