How Can Hormone Replacement Clinics Help You?

As you age, you may begin to notice imbalances in your body. Where you once used to bounce right back from a strenuous workout, it now takes a few days for you to feel “normal” again. At Allura, we understand that imbalances can cause stress and anxiety in both men and women. If you’ve wondered about how hormone replacement clinics can help you, we’re here to provide the answers. We want you to feel healthy, both physically and emotionally, for many years to come.

Our bio-identical hormone replacement treatments involve the placement of compressed pellets under the skin. These pellets mimic the body’s natural hormones, allowing your body to accept them in a safe and effective way. Women who experience hot flashes, fatigue, or decreased libido will find that the pellets restore balance and vitality to their body. For men who experience weight gain, memory loss, or a decrease in physical agility, our hormone pellets will help them regain the vim and vigor that they once possessed.

If you’ve sensed imbalances in your body, visit Allura today. As a hormone replacement clinic in Fort Collins and Loveland, we can help the citizens of the Front Range to find an equilibrium once again. Once the pellets are placed under your skin, they will constantly release the proper levels of hormones into your body. No surgery is required to insert them, and only a small incision is made. You can schedule a consultation online, or contact the office location nearest you. We look forward to helping restore balance to your body.