How Much Money Could You Save with Permanent Makeup?

makeup01410How much money and time do you spend on your makeup? If you stop to add it up, you might be surprised. Women in the United States spend over $8 billion each year on cosmetics. If you spend an average of 30 minutes getting ready each morning (a conservative time estimate for most of us!), you’ll spend nearly 11,000 hours a year on your makeup. If you are tired of spending all of your time and money on makeup, Allura may have the beauty treatments you need in Fort Collins.

Permanent makeup can eliminate a lot of the time and much of the money you spend on cosmetics each year. By having your makeup tattooed onto your skin, you can skip perfecting your eyeliner because it’s already done right when you wake up. We can help you with all the most time-consuming tasks, including brows, lip liner, eyeliner, and more. We can even help even out pigmentation on delicate areas such as your nipples after reconstruction surgery. Your permanent makeup can be tailored to your needs, preferences, and style, giving you total control over the final look.

These beauty treatments are great for saving time and money, but they are also great for athletes, contact-lens wearers, or anyone who wants to look great with less effort. You can learn more about our permanent makeup solutions by making an appointment with Allura today. We’d love to speak with you about our permanent makeup and other beauty treatments available in our medical spa. Call us or contact us through our website today!