If You are a Woman in the Loveland or Fort Collins Area Experiencing Any of These Symptoms, We Can Help

Many women will experience some physical and emotional symptoms during the course of menopause caused by an imbalance in hormones. Typically, a woman will begin to experience these symptoms in her mid forties as her ability to reproduce comes to an end. This prolonged stage of gradual fluctuation and eventual falling of hormone levels can last as long as two years and is commonly known as perimenopause. In addition to hot flashes and night sweats, both common symptoms, there are, unfortunately, many other symptoms you may experience during this period of your life. Here are just a few.

In the journey to menopause, many women experience difficulty in concentration. They have trouble remembering things, experience mental blocks and can have a difficult time concentrating. This can have a big impact of their lives, and can be worrisome as well as confusing. If underlying medical conditions have been ruled out for these symptoms, it is important you check hormone levels.

The immune system and hormones are closely linked, therefore hormonal changes can bring about an increase in allergy related symptoms. Most women will only experience mild forms of these symptoms, like sneezing and itchy eyes, but a few will suffer extreme symptoms like dizziness, cramping and swelling.

Changes in body odor can occur in menopausal women, even if they do practice good personal hygiene. Some of this change is in response of other symptoms such as night sweats and hot flashes, in which women will sweat more.

If you are a woman in the Loveland or Fort Collins area experiencing any of these symptoms, bio-identical hormone pellets can help. Give us a call for further details.

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