In Addition to Body Sculpting Treatments, We Offer Skin Rejuvenation Treatments so You Can Look Younger from Head to Toe

Your skin is the largest organ as well as a vital barrier that protects from the harsh environment. And as it acts as your primary defense shield, your skin experiences a terrible amount of abuse. Just think about the extreme temperatures, harmful sun rays and the multitude of bacteria your skin has protected you from. In addition, your skin needs to heal itself every time it suffers a scratch, scrape or bruise., it’s a complete wonder why we take our skin for granted. Though we start life with taut and smooth skin, it’s of little surprise we wind up with skin that is more akin to a raisin. In addition to body sculpting treatments, we offer skin rejuvenation treatments so you can look younger from head to toe.

Skin experts divide skin aging into two categories; intrinsic and extrinsic. Your genetic makeup has a certain affect on your skin, which is referred to as intrinsic. Environmental factors, like the sun and your bad habits like smoking, account for extrinsic aging. But no matter what you do to attempt to prevent the aging process, the physical affects of aging will become more and more pronounced. This is what happens to your skin as you age.

As you get older, your skin becomes drier, often resulting in an uncomfortable itchiness. Your skin will become thinner, revealing more blood vessels and internal structures. As the laws of gravity take hold, your skin will begin to sag, your skin will also get age spots and then develop wrinkles.

However, there is no need to go through life with these conditions. Schedule an appointment today to see what treatments we offer that will help you look younger and more vibrant.