Learn More about Hormone Replacement Clinics

As people age, they can begin to experience greater fatigue and memory loss. They may not want to acknowledge that they’re slowing down or starting to misplace things, but the truth is, everyone gets older and may experience these kinds of frustrating things. At Allura Skin, Laser & Wellness Clinic, we want to help you remain active and engaged in the world around you. If you have questions about hormones or hormone replacement clinics, come see us today.

For both men and women, there can come a time where you notice increased weight gain, decreased sex drive, and more frequent occurrences of forgetfulness. You may exercise regularly, be involved in a healthy relationship, and have good organizational skills, but you’ve noticed that your body has begun to change. With bioidentical hormones from Allura, you can remain vibrant and alert, all without the worry or pain of extensive surgery. The pellets are inserted into the right or left buttock, and once they’re in your body, will release an even flow of hormones that bring your body back into balance. After a few days of refraining from vigorous activity, you’ll notice the change in your body.

To learn more about hormone replacement clinics and our procedures, call or stop by Allura today. If your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to stop in, you can schedule your initial consultation by filling out the form on this page. Before you come for your appointment, you can save yourself even more time by downloading and filling out the necessary patient forms. We look forward to seeing you and helping improve your life!