More and More Women are Seeking the Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy from Clinics in Their Area

It is true, we live in a society that is slowly getting older. Just 200 years ago, only about 30 percent of women would live long enough to reach menopause. Today, over 90 percent of women will reach this milestone, meaning there are many women out there who will suffer hot flashes and the other ill-effects of menopause. In turn, more and more women are seeking the benefits of hormone replacement therapy from clinics in their area.

Along with the emotional changes that affect women during menopause, hot flashes are the reason menopausal women seek hormone replacement therapy. Hot flashes occur in over 75 percent of all menopausal women, lasting from two to four minutes and often followed by chills and shivering. Untreated hot flashed will last as long as five to six years before spontaneously stopping, but some women can suffer them many years longer. Hot flashes can occur several times throughout the day, and many women also perspire profusely during this time, which in itself is embarrassing. These problems are all alleviated with hormone replacement therapy.

The strongest evidence of the benefits of hormone replacement therapy lies in its prevention of osteoporosis. The amount of estrogen in your body is more related to this disease than in any lifestyle factors. Hormone replacement therapy has been proven to stop the excessive loss of bone matrix in states of low estrogen. In fact, hormone replacement therapy may actually reverse bone loss, resulting in fewer broken bones.

With all the benefits of hormone replacement therapy, we wonder why you haven’t made the phone call. Contact us for further details.