More Common Misconceptions About Body Contouring

In our last blog, we spoke about some of the common misconceptions many people have about body contouring in Loveland. If you’ve been considering body contouring but you can’t keep fact straight from fiction, we’re here to give you some help.

  1. You don’t have to see a professional for body contouring. Think just anyone can perform body contouring? Think again. Going to a highly-trained and experienced physician who is well-versed in the various techniques and devices available will give you your best hope of achieving the results you want.
  2. Body contouring is painful. Any invasive procedure such as liposuction will mean dealing with post-surgery pain and discomfort, but the wide array of non-invasive options such as Thermage and Ultrashape, among others, means there is little or no pain, no downtime and you can go back to whatever you were doing before your treatment right away.
  3. The results don’t last. The beauty of body contouring is that the results do last, but how long they last really dependent on which treatment you choose and your lifestyle. For the most part maintaining a healthy lifestyle (eating right, exercising regularly) you may expect to maintain your new, sleeker shape for a significant time.
  4. Body contouring doesn’t work on cellulite. There are several body contouring treatments that tackle stubborn cellulite, such as Velashape, Cellulaze and Smooth Shapes. These treatments improve the appearance of skin, providing a more toned look and work to reduce the amount of fat on the body.

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