More Common Myths About Botox Dispelled

We hear a ton of myths and misconceptions about Botox in Fort Collins all the time. However, most of the horror stories surrounding Botox and Dermal Fillers are just that – stories.  Before you decide to get an aesthetic injection or if you’re already indulging, you should find out which stories are true and which are pure myth. Today we’ll debunk a few more common misconceptions that we hear from our patients.

Myth #1: Botox injections are painful. False! Just like Dermal Fillers, pain from Botox is completely manageable. Botox is often referred to as the “lunchtime injection” because it’s a quick procedure with little to no downtime.

Myth #2: Once you get your first Botox injection, you’ll become an addict.  It’s completely plausible that you’ll keep getting Botox because you want to keep that good feeling and you’ll love the way you look, but it’s impossible to be physically addicted to Botox.

Myth #3: Botox work is always obvious. If you’re worried about looking unnatural and obvious, your best option is to come to Allura, the trusted place for Botox in Fort Collins. Botox is never obvious if administered by a professional doctor who knows the right amount to inject. We will always turn away a patient who has had too much.

Myth #4: Botox is a dangerous poison. False! Many people believe that Botox is a synthetic, dangerous material but it is actually found in nature.  It is completely safe when used in proper doses.

Myth #5: Aesthetic injections require lots of downtime. We’ve covered this before and it’s not true! Botox requires little to no downtime, though it is recommended that you don’t lie down for the first few hours following your procedure. That’s it!