Thermage Body Contouring Technology Represents a Remarkable Leap Forward

Thermage body contouring technology represents a remarkable leap forward in the field of body contouring and skin tightening. If you are in the market for a procedure that will get your body back to its youthful appearance, then you are at the right place. This particular treatment is the premier, non-invasive way to get smooth, tightened skin once again. The best part is there are no injections and little to zero downtime.

Thermage works by heating collagen fibers that reside deep in the skin and underlying tissue. The improved method provides a more consistent heating action that causes the tissue to immediately tighten, all while stimulating collagen growth. Then, over time, new collagen is produced to even further the tightening and contour of your skin. Simply amazing.

Often, visible results are instantaneous, and will improve over time as well. Measurable improvements will gradually appear over the course of two to six months.

Unlike many treatments that require several sessions to complete, thermage contouring will offer plenty of benefits from just one treatment. However, treatments will vary from patient to patient, so consult us for further details.

People often wonder how long this procedure will take. It depends a lot on the size and location of the area to be treated, but the procedure could take as little as twenty minutes or up to as long as an hour. Really, in the scope of life, that is but a drop in the ocean.

If you are interested in any of the treatments we offer, contact us or simply pick up the phone and give us call.


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