Prepare for Summer with Laser Hair Removal in Loveland

Winter has passed and spring has arrived in Colorado. Before you know it, the summer months will be here and swimsuit season will be upon us. If you’re concerned about unwanted hair on your body, consult Allura today about laser hair removal in Loveland. Our expert staff will gladly explain our procedures and help you decide what course of treatment is best for you.

Laser hair removal is specifically engineered to work best in removing dark hair. If you have lighter hair, we recommend another method of treatment, such as electrolysis or dermablading. We offer services for both men and women, so for those guys that think hair removal isn’t for them, we’d love to hear from you and answer your hair removal questions. We treat every client with respect and integrity, making sure they are informed and comfortable the entire time.

Permanent hair removal can be a major decision in one’s life. If you’d like to set up a free consultation to discuss if laser hair removal is right for you, we’re ready to assist. We’ll explain all of the possible benefits and side effects of hair removal, and learn what your long-term goals are for your body. Also, we’ll never proceed until you’re ready.

With summer on its way, we know you want to look and feel great in that new summer skirt or swimsuit. If you’ve been wondering if laser hair removal in Loveland is for you, please contact us today. We want you to feel confident about your body.


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