See Results with Our Laser Clinic in Loveland

If you have unwanted hair on certain parts of your body, you could feel limited on or self-conscious about your wardrobe choices. You may feel shy about going out in public, especially during the summer when t-shirts and shorts are the apparel of choice for many people. When you visit Allura, your laser clinic Loveland, we can remove that unwanted hair and restore confidence in your appearance and self-image. We have hair removal services for both men and women.

With the proper hair removal treatment and professional care from our skin and hair experts, you can see the results you want in an average of six laser sessions. We space the treatments out to six to eight weeks apart and can treat any part of your body. Men often want hair removed on their back, neck, and abdomen. For women, it is often the arms, chin, and bikini area. No matter where you’d like hair removed, we can safely and effectively clear away the follicles.

If you’d like to schedule a visit to our laser clinic in Loveland or Fort Collins, you can do so online or by calling 970-223-0193 for either office location. We’re open six days a week and will work with you on the most convenient time for your consultation. You can look forward to a Colorado summer full of outdoor fun, wearing the clothes that you want to wear, without the worry of unwanted or unsightly hair. At Allura, we want you to look and feel confident all year long.

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