Thank You

Dear Dr. D,

“I wanted to send you and your staff some Kudos and say Thank YOU. Please feel free to use my words as a testimonial for what you do here in our community.

Your initial consultation with me was a breath of fresh air and instilled hope that finally I had found a physician that understood not only my physical situation but also my frustration with the traditional modality of care I had previously received at other offices. For years I knew there had to be something I could do to feel better beyond pills, diet and exercise. At each physical exam, however, my doctor would report the test results as normal and tell me to continue the good fight. Your candor about the general medical practice of grouping people in the bounds of “average” or “within normal limits” was enlightening and resonated with me. It gave me promise that your prescribed therapy could make a significant impact to my health when coupled with the things I had already been doing.

After a few months of your prescribed care, I have come to realize that I just – feel – more – alive! I have clarity of mind, dedication to do things and get the job done and a passion for living. I reflect back on the previous 6 years and I realize I had been grinding out the days in a malaise of hazy thinking, lethargic behavior and muddled / anxious emotions. Today, however, I feel great! I smile more, I sleep better, I awake happy and I attack the day and I live in each moment. I have always been a gym goer but now, I see physical results from my activity. I can’t wait to work out. I don’t eat out of emotion, I don’t feel like I need to eat as much and at 47 years old, I have a zeal for things like I did in my 20’s.

To say thank you, just doesn’t seem enough. So please, take these words, share them with others as a testament of the results one can get. It has made a huge difference in MY life. I only hope others can feel the same.

I truly appreciate you and your staff.”