Who Knew A Healthier Lifestyle Was Just A Pellet Away

Living a healthy life isn’t always as easy as working out regularly, and eating right. A lot of the time, our healthy lifestyles depend on our hormone levels and the ability of our sex organs to produce them in the correct dosages. This is especially true as we age. As time goes on, our lives tend to go from healthy to hard, and for women, this is generally expressed through menopause- when the ovaries stop producing and secreting correct dosages of estrogen. These symptoms include things like hot flashes, mood swings, weight gain, decreased libido, decreased memory and fatigue. But, a big flux in hormones isn’t something exclusive to women. Men also experience a flux of hormones as they age, an experience known as “andropause.” During this time, the testicles stop producing and secreting the correct amount of testosterone, leading to symptoms that include, energy loss, low libido, a decrease in agility, fatigue, memory loss, and weight gain.

Because these hormone imbalance symptoms can be debilitating, and let’s face it, exhausting, Allura designed a replacement therapy that is made to work with your lifestyle. Our specialists insert bioidentical hormone pellets into your body via a tiny incision in the buttock. As this pellet absorbs into the body over 3-7 days of rest and for active weeks following, hormones are consistently released into the bloodstream, taking over the job of the ovaries or testicles. This constant and consistent release allows for the body to function as if the ovaries or testicles were functioning properly and essentially combat the symptoms of menopause and andropause.

Can you imagine? The feeling of living a healthy life are just a simple procedure and a bioidentical hormone pellet away. What are you waiting for?

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